Games in September

Lieve menskindertjepoepescheetjes, september brengt ons deze waslijst aan games! 


15 september;

-NHL 16;   (PS4, XB1)

-Castles;   (PS4, XB1)

-Flame Over;   (PS4)

-Albino Lullaby;   (PC)

-Forza Motorsport 6;   (XB1)

-Pro Evolution Soccer 2016;   (xb360, ps3, XB1, PS4, PC)

DLC: Destiny: The Taken King;   (xb360, ps3, XB1, PS4)

DLC: The Elder Scrolls Online: Imperial City;   (XB1)


16 september;

-Gun World;   (XB1)

-Typoman;   (Wii U)

DLC: The Elder Scrolls Online: Imperial City;   (PS4)


17 september;

-Skyshine’s BEDLAM;   (PC)

-I Can’t Escape: Darkness;   (PC)

-World of Warships;   (PC)

-RED Fuse: Rolling Explosive Device;   (PC)

-Shovel Knight: Plague of Shadows;   (3DS, Wii U, ps3, PS4, PsVita, XB1, PC)


18 september;

-Shmup Love Boom;   (PC)

-TY the Tasmanian Tiger 4;   (PC)

-The Book of Unwritten Tales 2;   (XB1, PS4)

-Pumped BMX +;   (Wii U, ps3, PS4, PSVita, XB1, PC)



20 september;

-Skylanders: Superchargers;   (iOS, Wii U, ps3, PS$, XB1)


22 september;

-Laserlife;   (PS4)

-SOMA;   (PS4, PC)

-Blood Bowl 2;   (PS4, XB1, PC)

-FIFA 16;   (PSVita, ps3, PS4, xb360, XB1, PC)

-Afro Samurai 2: Revenge of Kuma Volume 1;   (PS4)


23 september; 

-Extreme Exorcism;   (Wii U, ps3, PS4)

-Assault Android Cactus;   (PC)


24 september;

-A Fistful of Gun;   (PC)

-Final Fantasy V;   (PC)

-Doodle God;   (PC)

-Cities: Skylines – After Dark;   (PC) 


25 september;


-Project Tarvotan;   (PC)

-Grand Ages: Medieval;   (PC)

-Shoppy Mart: Steam Edition;   (PC)

-Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer;   (3DS)


27 september;

-LEGO Dimensions;   (Wii U, ps3, PS4, xb360, XB1)


28 september;

-Psycho Starship Rampage;   (PC)

-Stairs;   (PC)


 29 september;

-Grand Ages: Medieval;  (PS4)

-Fallout Anthology;   (PC)

-Wildstar Reloaded;   (PC)

-Thief Town;   (PS4)

-Sword Coast Legends;   (PC)

-Mighty Gunvolt;   (PC)

-Might & Magic Heroes VII;   (PC)

-Arcana Heart3: Love Max;   (PC)

-NBA Live 16;   (PS4, XB1)

-NBA 2K16;   (ps3, PS4, xb360, XB1, PC)

-Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 5;   (PS4, XB1)

-Persona 4: Dancing All Night;   (PSVita)

-Samurai Warriors 4-II;   (PSVita, ps3, PS4, PC)

-Overlord: Fellowship of Evil;   (PS4, PC)


30 september;

-Armikrog;   (PC)

-DRONE Zero Gravity;   (PC)

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