Postal: Brain Damaged verschijnt dit jaar op PlayStation-consoles

Dit jaar verscheen al Postal 4: No Regerts, maar ontwikkelaar Running With Scissors heeft aangekondigd dat er een eerder verschenen PC spin-off gaat verschijnen op PlayStation-consoles.

De game Postal: Brain Damaged verscheen al eerder in 2022 voor PC en zal nog dit jaar zijn weg naar de PlayStation 4 en 5 vinden. Deze game is een spin-off van de beruchte franchise, waarin Postal Dude het opneemt tegen zijn eigen fantasie.

Postal: Brain Damaged kent de volgende key-features:

Wild setting? Even wilder gameplay! While staying true to POSTAL‘s trademark tone and humor the game plays very different to all the previous titles in the series. What you get is fast, challenging, and full of varied, meticulously designed enemies and environments. If you’re surfing the tidal wave of throwback shooters or enjoyed the latest installment of that game where you single-handily take on the forces of Hell invading Earth, you will feel right at home (even more so if your home smells really bad).

Make sure your body is ready to:

  • Explore an all-new, hand-crafted world full of surprises.
  • Experience the challenging, fast-paced gameplay with quake-like movement and outrageous level design.
  • Take a trip through the rich, twisted, ever-changing environments of POSTAL DUDE’S deranged mind.
  • Shoot a variety of insane guns at some of the freakiest enemies to ever grace computer screens.
  • Follow the all-original story line making the POSTAL-VERSE continuity even more effed-up than it was.
  • Hear Corey Cruise returning as the POSTAL DUDE, with guest appearances from other fan-beloved voices.
  • Enjoy the POSTAL series trademark dark, crude humor and glorification of fantasy violence.
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