Nieuwe update Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown lost flink wat problemen op

Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown is een toffe Metroidvania ervaring geworden, maar de game kende nog wel een aantal bugs. Vandaag is er een nieuwe update verschenen welke flink wat issues heeft verholpen.

Voor de update konden sommige spelers niet verder spelen wanneer zij Menolias of Orod versloegen terwijl zij in brand stonden. Tevens kon je sommige zijmissies niet volbrengen door verschillende omstandigheden. Dit en meer wordt nu verholpen met update 1.0.4.

De game is reeds verkrijgbaar op PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S, Nintendo Switch en PC.

De volledige changelog is als volgt:



• Reward notification for ‘Young Sargon’ overlaps in the game when unlocking the Digital Artbooks in the same session via the Ubisoft Connect overlay.
• Placing a marker on the map while focused on a Memory Shard locks the in-game cursor.
• Upgrading the Blessing amulet while equipped and not at full life renders the health bar visually stuck.
• During the first fight with Vahram, the camera can be offset following Vahram’s finishing move.²



• Re-entering Mount Qaf’s main gate rarely leads to replay the initial ‘Ardashir Cutscene’.²
• Trapdoor above Wak-wak tree in The Depths remains closed, with the lever stuck in pulled position after a soft reset.²
• Player can receive damage using the dodge granted by the Elusive Water amulet when adding input during its animation.
• Player cannot unlock Mystery Chest located in Lower City after firing arrow at the correct spot.²
• Sargon loses ‘frozen’ status effect when hanging on to a wall while the effect triggers.²
• Sargon is invincible and invisible if player uses Shadow of the Simurgh just when Dragon King amulet’s effect triggers.
• Player can enter the Pit of Eternal Sands by breaking the 3rd warp seal exploiting aerial UP and DOWN attack combo + Rush of the Simurgh.²
• Kiana and Sargon spawn outside of the rendered world if player dies and retries the fight right before Kiana’s transition to camouflage-attacks.
• Defeating Menolias or Orod while they are burning breaks the quick time event leaving players to restart the game and fight.²
• In some cases, King Darius and Sargon become immune to melee attacks when the player uses Fabric of Time on King Darius during his ‘Holy Flames’ attack.
• A soft reset when fighting the final boss can restart its phase counter, requiring the player to beat phase 4 four times


• Moon Gatherer – Players previously stuck in the progression of this side quest are now able to finish it by returning to its initial starting location in Sacred Archives.
• Treasure of the Seven Seas – Stubborn but colorful parrot does not want to return to the Pirate Captain leaving players unable to finish the quest.²
• Treasure of the Seven Seas – Quest breaks when it’s start wasn’t confirmed before leaving the level due to too many side quests being active at the same time. ²
• Lost Warriors – The lost warrior on the bridge outside of Mount Qaf’s main gate respawns one more time after reloading the level after he was defeated.

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